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TR's Snow Flake Maker v 1.0.3 (Dec 19th 2014)

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TechnoRobbo's Snow Flake Maker

Yeah, it's a silly Idea......


Oh, no it's not!! It's an incredible idea. I never found this plugin. I found it because Seerose pointed it out in another thread. Very cool! Thank you. I can't wait to try it out. Prior to, I had used the Roses plugin to eventually make something that looked like snowflakes. So, I'm glad you made this! Thank you!

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VirusTotal says it's malicious. Both the download URL and the zip itself :(


I know @TechnoRobbo hasn't been here for a while but probably someone else could reupload and attach it to make sure it's safe? (Most likely, the engines detected the .dll somewhere in "non-official" source, packed together with malware, but what about the link in this post?)


PS. Sorry to disturb you, I'm just not into the "one posive = false positive" approach, and the effect looks really fine... 

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my gallery is  here


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I just downloaded it @Vagabondi and the file is just fine.

You're getting a false positive. None of the plugin files on this site are 'infected'.

Just don't download any PDN plugins from any other site but this one. :)


And BTW...welcome to the forum! 

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