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[HELP] Problems with transparency?

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Hello everyone!!

I'm a newbie to the PDN forums, but I've been using PDN on Windows for a while, without problem. Now that I'm actually trying to do something of substance, I'm running into problems.



I am trying to add transparency to a picture of a giraffe. I did that with magic wand, and it is just the giraffe with the checkerboard background. So, that worked.

My problem comes in when I tried to paste the giraffe on top of another image. The checkerboard background stayed. Odd, right? How do I fix this? Any plugins I should use?

Basically, I want it to look like I cut a giraffe out of a magazine and glued it to a different background. Just with 0s and 1s instead of glue. :-)



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Now that you have no background, be sure to select only the giraffe with the 'magic wand' tool and not the whole image.

Then copy and paste that and it should work fine!

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