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Problem with antialiasing


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Something funny is happening when I use antialiasing at 100% zoom. I've attached a picture saved with Paint.NET v4.0.5 that demonstrates what I'm talking about.




All the lines are drawn with a line width of 1 pixel and the default hardness of 75. When drawing at 100% zoom, the line does not get proper antialiasing and appears jagged. When drawing at anything other than 100% zoom - both above and below - the line gets properly antialiased.


When zooming in, it becomes apparent that the first line gets at least some antialiasing, but nowhere near the level that it should. At default zoom, it looks nearly identical to the lines drawn without antialiasing.


This did not happen in earlier versions, it is something that began with the v4 update. I've reformatted my PC just a few days ago (due to unrelated issues,) so I'm on a completely clean Windows installation.


I hope some light can be shed on this and that a fix is coming in an update down the road.

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