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How do I switch between layers?

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Hi all, newb here.


Um... I have no idea how to switch between layers in Paint.NET.Tutorials show a layers window, but there doesn't seem to be one. Other tutorials say that to toggle the window you have to go into a tab called, uh... windows. But that tab doesn't exist on my version! I downloaded the latest version from the official website - what's going on? Thanks in advance.

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The Layers window (when you get it to show up) contains a list of the layers in an image.

One layer will always be highlighted in blue. This is the active layer. All editing operations are restricted to this active layer.

To switch the active layer status to a different layer, click on the new layer's name in the window. It will receive the focus & blue highlight.

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Hello. :)

Most tutorials that you find about paint.net use older versions of paint.net. SAND33P has shown you where and how to toggle the layers window on and off in the most recent versions of paint.net.

There is a paint.net documentation, and despite it being for older versions of paint.net, some things still work the same, so if you haven't yet, try viewing it.
This page shows Paint.net's older User Interface, but the layers window is mostly the same : http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MainWindow.html

This page is all about the layers window, but again, the layers window still functions mostly the same : http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/LayersWindow.html

Off of the top of my head, there is only one main new feature with the layers window that I can think of, and that is you can drag layers to move them up or down.

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