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Parallel Lines and Patterns

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So, I didn't read every post on every page on this thread but I did skim over them. I didn't see anything about this so I'm going to ask about it. When I use this plugin, using 300 dpi, I wanted to make a sheet full of parallel vertical lines. Every time I do, kind of near the center, is always this noticeable rectangle. I guess to get rid of it the only solution is to copy and paste a cut out of a squared normal area, do my best to try to line it up and put it on top of the lone rectangle, to hide it? It's 12" x 12" at 300 dpi.


Can't we get rid of that rectangle that's kind of near the center of the paper? The lines I make are not fat/wide. They are thin.

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In the Orientation tab, uncheck 'Show in image while dialog is open'.
However, this rectangle is not rendered to the canvas when you click on the OK button.


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I love this plugin <3 Been printing out A3 sheets of graph paper for D&D games. Cheers Martin.


If I could make a suggestion it would be to add dimetric ( 1 : 2 ) lines, ( opposed to Isometric 1 : 1 ). Don't know if anyone but me would use it though.


Anyhoo, thanks again.

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