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Sigh.Pictorium help.

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This is very irritating!If someone would be kind enough to have a look at my page in the pictorium.This sounds like a shameless plug to get people to  look at my work but I swear it didnt start that way.It looks like I've made the mother of double post.I am not sure how I did that or how to fix it.I need to give my whole gallery a make over but this was not what I had in mind.

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Looks like the first part of your gallery is using the quote code around the image links, the second part is (just the image & thumb links) is what you want to keep.

Log in to your gallery and click on 'Edit' in the first post (lower R.H.S).

Click the little 'switch' on the L.H.S of the tool bar to edit the BBcode directly.

First copy all the code and save in Notepad or Word (in case you mess up).

Then find the start and end quote tags in your code and delete them and everything in between, just leaving the direct image or thumbnail links below.

Then click the preview post button. If ok click 'save changes'.

Keep a copy of the code for future reference too - very easy to accidentally loose all your links! Remember you can edit the thread title at this stage too.

Good luck! - cool gallery too. ;)

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