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Outline in 4.0.4

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I just installed the 4.0.4 update, then went to outline some text, and it wouldn't work. Even when I started a new project, cleared the layer, or even started a new layer, the outline option would turn the entire layer white, with a small bit of transparency around the edges of the text.


The issue is similar to what happens in 4.0.3 when you try to outline text before you clear the layer; the entire layer turns white, even if it was transparent before, and your text gets an outline.


I've reverted back to 4.0.3 for now.

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Are you confusing the Effects > Stylize > Outline effect with one of the Effects > Object > Outline plugins?


I think what you're describing is the expected behavior for the Effects > Stylize > Outline effect.  


From your description, I think you want to place an outline around text characters which are rendered onto a transparent layer.  For this you'll want one of the outline plugins in the Effects > Object submenu.


BoltBait's Outline


Pyrochild's Outline

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