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move / scale on small images

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I just upgraded to 3.0.2580.31 from 2.5 and noticed a possible problem. steps to reproduce:

1) file > new , choose 20 pix by 20 px (small image)

2) change your zoom sufficiently high to see, perhaps 600%

3) press s to select, draw a select region perhaps 10 x 2 (or 2 x 10)

4) press m to change to move/scale mode

at this point, recall that the "move" cursor looks like a black triangle and the "scale" cursor looks like a hand. Move your mouse around the image to find a hotspot that will allow you to move the image (i.e. where the cursor becomes a triangle). I cannot find one, the program only offers scale (rotate, etc). To move this area, you have to select a larger block.

next, press ctrl+A to select the entire image. Now move the mouse around and you'll find that the "move" hotspot appears about 4-6 pixels from the outer edge... so on a very small selection, it will never be available.


1) as the zoom increases, the hotspot aorund the nubs should *shrink*

2) maybe alt+left mouse is ALWAYS move regardless of how close to the sizing nubs the cursor is

BTW, paint.net is a really fantastic program.

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