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Spill Effect for a joke

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my boss just put new carpet down in our building. i have an image of myself with a cup on the floor and wiping up with paper towels. what i would like to know is how to create an effect of spilling on the carpet. preferably spilling a cola or something that would show up well.


thanks much


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For a quick answer :

Find a picture of liquid or a spilled drink and then try these cut-out tutorials to cut it out,


Once the liquid is cut out use layers to place it over top of your photo. Then adjust the liquid's layer, effects, size, etc, till you like it.
See here for working with layers, http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/LayersWindow.html

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They look like carpet tiles - tell him he can replace the stained ones! :lol:


1. Create a new layer :AddNewLayer:
2. Use the paintbrush at say 20 px to draw a stain. :PaintBrushTool:
3. Double click the layers box and reduce the opacity and change the blend mode to Multiply.
4. Select eraser   :EraserTool:  and use a small width, say 2px, to erase where the stain goes over the trousers, cloth etc - you'll need a steady hand - don't forget you can always undo. :Undo:
5. Change the stain layer's colour to a dark brown - one way to do this is by using my 'Object2colour' plugin (in my pack - link in sig).

Quicker to do than to explain!

Welcome to the forum - hope he doesn't sack you. ;)


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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awww, i just figured it out and sent it out. but, you made a bigger mess than i did :) 


rather than figuring out how to draw my own spills, i googled for a "wine spill" and turned it black. (but, i know now :)


anyhoo, anyone else who may be on a very limited "mental budget", what Red just posted was perfect.


thanks people!!!

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Aww. You should have used something that looked like blood! That would have got your Boss wondering what you're drinking :mrviolet:

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