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Bug with transparency and layers in 4.0.4

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I do this process often enough and just started noticing this particular issue since upgrading to 4.0.4. Please feel free to tell me if I am doing something incorrectly but I believe it is a new issue.


1. Create 2 new images A and B.

2. Image A has a solid background. Draw a shape on it.

3. Image B has a transparent background. Hit Ctrl+A to select all, and then hit Delete. Draw a circle.

4. Copy Image B.

5. Create a new layer for Image A and paste Image B into the new layer.

6. Paste a second copy of Image B into that same layer.


If the two copies of Image B in the new layer overlap, they will show the lower layer rather than the image information on the same layer.


See attached image for example.


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