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PC reboots after selecting background!?

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I downloaded PN 4.0.4 today and i really love it except for this strange thing - my pc reboots when using the magic wand to select the background of my image! No warnings, no messages, the moment I use the mouse to click on the background to select it - my pc reboots! I have encountered this problem three times in a row, each time exactly at the moment I clicked the background with the magic wand in paint.net 4.0.4!


I must stress that I never encountered such a problem before today in paint.net. I pretty sure it must be a bug in the program itself. My pc never rebooted by itself until today, three times in a row, each time when I clicked the background in Paint.NET.


Has anyone encoutered this problem? Can anything be done? This is very strange. The installation of the program itself went very smoothly and without problems. Since the reboot bugs I have uninstalled the program (to my regret, I really liked it) in order to prevent any damage to my system.


Thanks in advance for any insight.


PS: I am running windows 7 64 bit, updated, 4GB RAM, Radeon HD6770, Athlon II X4 645

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