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Add transparency while maintaining color

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I am trying to duplicate some business cards and have run into an issue when adding the logo. I need to make the white background of the logo transparent, which I can do using multiply mode just fine. However, the color behind the logo is a dark gray and it warps the colors in the logo and makes them much darker than we want. I need these to look neat, so something like cutting the background out probably won't work. 


Is there a way to make the logo background transparent while maintaining the colors?

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Hi vlhannon - welcome to the forum :D

Try this plugin - it's simple to use and really works well.


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You might also like the Grim Color Reaper plugin and the Cut Color plugin.

I'm not sure how you normally cut out images, but you can try these techniques :


If you cut out images, I suggest these plugins to help the edge's of the cutout look nicer :
Basic Antialias –  http://forums.getpai...anuary-14-2008/
Feather –  http://forums.getpai...ow-with-source/
AA's  – The plugin is part of this pack http://forums.getpai...showtopic=16643

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