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selecting multiple layers

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Where this would come in useful is moving layer contents. If you have something with multiple parts on multiple layers (fill, outline, shadow, content), right now, you'd have to select it on each layer and move each piece 43 pixels right individually. If layers could be linked, you could move all parts at once.

I'm not sure how this would work in PDN, though. In programs such as PhotoShop, you are actually moving the layers when you move linked layers, but in PDN, the layers don't move, you're moving instead the pixels within the layer. This could make it difficult to implement the de-facto standard linking model into PDN.

Perhaps this is something Rick could consider while re-writing the Layers window from the ground up?


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I have thought that this would be a good idea in the past, but really, what purpose would it serve? you can repeat any effect across multiple layers by doing it once, selecting another layer and Ctrl-F-ing, what else would you use it for?

I need it to move multiple layers a little to the center, but they have to stay apart. I also have the align plugin but that'll center them unevenly, that's why it would be useful.

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This topic is more than eight years old MCMacMC.

If you wish to restart a conversation that has been idle for more than three months please just start a new thread (unless it's a tutorial or plugin).  Feel free to ask your question again in a new thread.

Thanks and welcome to the forum :D

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