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How do I make "single-colored" images?

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You could try looking through and testing out artistic effects. Menu Bar > Effects > Artistic.


Or, the long way of doing things...
Add some new layers and trace/outline each area of the object with tools like the line/curve tool :LineTool: or the paintbrush :PaintBrushTool: . (be sure to have the outlines on their own layer)
Once each area is outlined/traced use the paint bucket tool :PaintBucket:  to fill in the areas.
Then, you can add special effects, such as use furblur on the picture, use the smudge tool, use the liquify tool, or artistic effects, or even the dents distort effect (effects > distort > dents).

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The effect you're looking for is called Posterize.  It allows you to progressively reduce the number of shades.


Open the adjustment using the menu Adjustments > Posterize or with the keyboard combination Ctrl + Shift + P.  Lower the sliders to reduce the number of individual colors.

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