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Transparent overlay

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November brings falling leaves. Well pdn's bare branch is back. Translated: I need help again.


Is it possible for someone as inexperienced as I am to make an image transparent?


Here's the thing: I'd like a solid color background with the first layer covering the entire canvas to be transparent.


I want to put a blue background with (and now you know why I want it transparent!) the Confederate flag overlying it.


It's for a cover of a book I'm contemplating called tentatively: UNTOLD STORIES from UNKNOWN VOICES. and it will be first person narratives, or bits thereof, from actual people living during the Civil War. And I'm selecting what may be the only things left about the "Civil" war that no longer has anything very civil about it. :)


I do not want an in-your-face cover, thus the transparency. Or do y'all think that is a bad idea? Even if I knew what I was doing?


My gratitude.



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Use the Magic Wand :MagicWandTool:  on the solid color background and press Delete on the keyboard. You may have to adjust the tolerance if the selection would flood some parts of the image you want to be untouched. You may also use the Eraser :EraserTool:  to delete any remaining bits of the solid color more precisely.



Create a new layer, paste your Confederate flag over it (CTRL+V), resize if needed and move this layer under your Background layer. Flatten  the picture by going to Image>>Flatten :Flatten: . Save   :Save: it and there you go.

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Thank you, Ishi--a lot!


But one thing I don't understand about the magic wand and delete--You said: "You may have to adjust the tolerance if the selection would flood some parts of the image you want to be untouched."  Which image?  The under-layer of the flag? Or something on the background layer? But if I delete it first? That sounds like a wrong sequence. To me, at least.


I warned you I was pretty bad at pdn--but I keep trying to figure it out! And I much appreciate your helping me.

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