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Entering dimensions by keyboard

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I want to use Paint.net to do a cutting list/diagram for some timber boards to make new doors and draw fronts for my kitchen. All the pieces are rectangular. It is very difficult using the mouse to enter the correct sizes onto the correctly sized outline of the board.


Is it possible to enter dimesions for rectangles using the keyboard. This would also be useful for squares and circles.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Regards - Phebe.



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Paint.NET is not be the best tool to do this kind job because it doesn't offer real objects just layers.

Maybe have a look to the vector image editor InkScape. There it is easy to define an object in a certain size and edit it later.


The Paint.NET community offers plugins to draw basic objects in a certain size but you can not easily change them later.

Or coding plugins to define the objects in c#, postscript, or logo. This allows you to transform the objects and draw them again.

But doing it this way is just a work around.

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