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Split Channels

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    Is there any way to split channels for colors and recombine them?


    Ideally I'd like to be able to take an image, split it into red, blue, green, and alpha layers (each one appearing as a greyscale image), to be able to mess around with each one, and then recombine them into a full color image with transparency.


    Alternatively, any way to just be able to take a greyscale image that represents the transparency and merge it into the image would be fine.


Thanks for any help you can give

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You may use the Color Matrix plugin if the image is opaque.


Duplicate the image layer two times and call the layers Red, Green, Blue.


Select the Red layer, open Adjustments->Color Matrix and select there 'Red only (solid)'.

Open the properties of the layer and set it to 'XOR'


Do the same analogical for the Green and the Blue layer.


After these steps you will see again the original image.

To see just one layer switch off the visibility of the others.


Combine just means to merge the layers down.


To handle the not opaque case is more complex. You have to use a plugin which stores the channels in a file or the clipboard.

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