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Can I Download the Current Paint.net Documentation?

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Hello. :)
I'm excited about the upcoming new Paint.net Documentation, thanks a lot to those who are putting in the time and effort.  :cake:

However, I'm hoping I can make a download request about the current documentation. Is there any way I can download it? I want to be able to reference it now and continue to reference it in the future since it feels like a piece of history to me, and until my Paint.net 3.5.11 doesn't work anymore, I will be keeping my old paint.net and would like to have it's help documentation. (I mostly use 4.0, but I love all paint.net versions, and anything related to paint.net.)



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Right click on the page... Save Page As....  Repeat for all pages you need to archive (there's around 60).


There are archiving tools - or you could buy my book! :mrviolet:

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