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FileType plugins: SaveConfigToken


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Each document seems to get its own SaveConfigToken based on the used filetype.

It is used in Save and SaveAs as long as you do not change the filetype.

The initialization of the token seems to depend on the last SaveAs usage of a token of the same filetype.

And this filetype depending setting (used for initialization) survives open and close of the application.


In some cases it would make sense to intialize some values of this document specific token from the file you loaded. So I would propose an extended load method for filetypes which adds the initial SaveConfigToken as an read/write parameter. This would allow to set some token values depending on the loaded file.


Ie. you could load a comment information from a file into the token and store it in the new file on save. Also you could edit this value in the save as configuration widget.


In the moment it is not possible to handle this case. You could store the comment in the metadata of the document on load and rewrite it on save, but the user has no chance to edit it.


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