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PDN 4.X Recolor Tool Broken?

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I was finally able to download the newest version after upgrading to Windows 7 SP1, and everything was great, up until the point I needed to use the Recolor tool like usual.  It seems to have been changed...and I'd argue for the worst.  Below is a sample of what happens when you use the recolor tool in the old version versus the new version.




3.5's Recolor Tool also gets any partially translucent pixels, allowing for recoloring of anti-aliased lines.  4.x's Recolor Tool only gets fully opaque color, unless you turn the Tolerance way up.  When you do that, though, the recolor tool puts down color that isn't the color you have selected, and also replaces colors you aren't intending to replace.


To put it another way...4.X's recolor tool basically behaves as if I used the magic wand, at 0% tolerance, to select a solid color, and then used the brush tool with anti-aliasing off to brush over it.


I feel like this defeats the entire purpose of having a Recolor tool if it's going to ignore pixels that have he same RGB values, but a different alpha channel value.

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Yeah there are some issues with it. One of which is that the composition mode that's being used (in the code I mean) doesn't allow it to do the right thing.


If you give me more examples, including sample images and specific instructions on how to reproduce any particular example, that'd help.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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Well any additional images will essentially look like the first, but I can tell you how you do that.


In 3.5:  Select the color you want to replace on the other mouse button, set the tolerance to 0, and you get the result you see there when you use it.

In 4.X:  Select the color you want to replace on the other mouse button (using that new setting as the replacement mode), set the tolerance to 0, and you get the result seen in the same image.


As I've previously stated, 4.X's behavior is no different than if I used the magic wand tool to globally select all pixels of one type of color, at a specific transparency value, and used the brush tool at 0% tolerance over the selection.  It makes recoloring anti-aliased lines impossible without visual errors.

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I'm having difficulty with recolor, too, in that it never behaves the same with different mouse clicks.  It's like it rotates between modes..... one time it replaces the background with the replacement color, another time it replaces the original color with the replacement color, and the next time it writes the original color all over. 


I'm working with half-tone drawings, replacing gray colors with RGB colors.  Very frustrating.

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Hi. :)


Paint.net 4.X has two different sampling modes, please test both modes out and see if that helps.




Also, for future references, your issue is different than the issue of this thread, and this thread is getting kind of old, you would be better off making  a new thread about your issue. Please see forums rules about posting on old threads. The Rules.

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Yup. It's probably the sampling mode. As Fuzzy has pointed out, there are now two modes.  


I think that the default is the new one - Sampling Once.  With this mode, the color clicked on becomes the target for recoloring.  Each subsequent click has the potential to select a new color. So this might be the problem.


If you want the same functionality as PDN 3.5 use the Sampling Secondary Color mode.

Sampling Once

Sampling Once mode with the Left Mouse button recolors the color clicked on with the Primary color. Using the Right Mouse button recolors the color clicked on with the Secondary color.



Sampling Secondary Color

The Sampling Secondary Color mode is the same method of recoloring as seen in paint.net 3.5x.

Using Sampling Secondary Color mode with the Left Mouse button, the Primary color becomes the replacement color. Pixels within tolerance of the Secondary color will be replaced. Using the Right Mouse button reverses the roles of the colors compared to the Left Mouse button.

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