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Changing colour

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(Not sure if this is the right Category. If it isn't...Sorry!)


I want to change all the Cream/White parts in this picture


(And the corresponding shades of cream or white) to a shade of Grey. The Hex is: 161616. I've tried to use Recolor but I get a different shade when I change to the shade of cream to one that is more grey. What should I do to rectify this problem and get the results I want

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I recommend you try the Levels tool under Adjustments.



If you really don't wanna alter the current brightness of that image, I suggest you follow these steps:


1. Add a new transparent layer over your picture, change the blending mode of the new layer into Multiply. Make sure you select this layer before proceeding.


2.Use a brush with grayish color, paint over the cream or white areas you want, then lower the layer's opacity way down to around 85. You might increase or lower the layer opacity beyond that, depending if you want a lighter or darker shade of gray.


3. Do apply Guassian Blur to smoothen the edges of the repainted areas. Just see what blur radius works well for you.



4.  Flatten the image by clicking on Merge layer down button. Then save it or save it as a new image if you want.

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I completely agree with, Ishi. I was little confused when I tried doing the same thing and then I found this thread. I just followed these steps and it really work out for me. So, I also suggest you to try this at once and see the result.


paint.net | The BEST free image editor.

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You can also re-color by adjusting the gray color using Menu Bar > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation, which will effect how light or dark the re-coloring will be.

And, for other re-coloring projects, you can turn the image gray and then add a new layer, set the blending mode to multiply or overlay, and color with a color.

Since I am bad with free hand painting, I normally trace my object using the line/curve tool, as if I'm going to cutout my object similar to this Cutting Out tutorial, then I can either cutout my object and put my object on it's own layer and change it's color directly using hue/saturation, levels, curves, etc, or I can not cut out my object and instead fill my outline in and use the blending modes multiply or overlay.

I too have thought about making some recolor tutorials, but I'm so bad at doing things like that and getting around to doing them too. lol.
There are a couple of ways to recolor things though, and I wish there was a way to share all of them.

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I do love recoloring. I have gained enough dexterity to use the mouse and brush over my desired areas but as Huggles did say, the lines and curves tool will do you a favor if you are not so good with free hand painting.


My technique in recoloring actually involves, creating a new layer for the paint. On this new layer, I'll be painting all the sides of the area to be recolored first then I would flood the area with color using paint bucket tool. I would then change the blending mode of the paint layer into overlay or multiply because they seem best for this kind of job. I would apply just a bit of Guassian blur to smoothen the edges, change the layer opacity and presto, its done.


My new profile picture is actually black and white and I did some experimentation with Multicolored Gradient plugin to render color to the background and to that twisted kaleidoscopic psychedelic sunglasses there.

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