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Anyone know of a plugin to preview sprites while editing in a zoomed in workspace?

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I use the animation helper plugin (I believe that's what it's called) for animating the sprite sheets but it doesn't let you change anything while the window is open. I was talking more of a window like the layers and colors windows where you can just throw it off to the side and it'll show you the "actual size" view of the sprite while zoomed in on the workspace for editing.

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Nope. Sorry. Plugins are modal and not asynchronous.

In non-geek speak this means that paint.net effectively stops and waits for the plugin to finish/close before continuing. This is why you can't use any of the tools or menus while a plugin dialog is open for example.

How about these keyboard shortcuts:

Zoom in / out Ctrl + Mouse Wheel

Zoom to Window Ctrl + B

View Actual Size Ctrl + 0

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