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Nai's Studio Collections ( 'Love Is Like The Crystal Orb'- January 11, 2017 )

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The First Serious Attempt With Paint.NET 3.5.11 On Linux Lite :



" Love Is Like The Crystal Orb " ( Click the link for original view )

Original Picture


Red Ochre's Gem Colouring Tutorial ( NEW ) :


7447695.png  b52bc14.png 6a42bdc.png 427ab7f.png



The Face Of Deja Vu : 




Strawberry In The Ice Cube :






Perfume Bottle :




Jewellery :




Land of The Rose Quartz ?





The Obsessions With Clear Glass/Crystal Orbs :


The Latest One ( uploaded June  26, 2015 )




Hollow_Glass_Ball_With_Grids.png Crystal_Ball_Home.png



Tutorials Fun & Frenzy :


Soft_Sea_Light.png Ice_Castle1.png Ice_Castle.png





Colourized Grid :




Previous Banner/Ads Competition Competitors :


Bakery_Ads2.png Book_Ads.png Paint_Shop_Ads.jpg?noCache=1415240823



Previous SOTW Contestants :


Nai_Siggie_Neon2.png Nai_Siggie_Banner2.png Sprinkled_With_Fairy_Dusts.png


Crystal_Ball_Pastel_Siggy.png 4ced888.jpg

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Nice works!I sure would like to know how you did the ice castle works.


Hi johnnysdream !


Thank you ! Lets see what I can do for you. Still trying to remember what I've done by looking at the layers of my old pdn file.

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All of your work is so soft and dreamy--perfection! I absolutely love the ice cube with the strawberry!


Hi !

Thank you so much !

Sorry for the late response. Just coming back after a long hiatus.

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The Face Of Deja Vu is just wonderful. It has a buzzing glowy effect & looks like it is hovering.


The perfume bottle is also excellent. It has an amazing texture.


The first gem is my fave but they are all so well done :star:

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Maximilian, Cc4FuzzyHuggles, barbieq25 & Red Ochre, thank you for the visits and everything !

The changes from Windows to Linux having effects on my working flow, and I'm still working on the adaptations. Hopefully I can keep the same quality in my next artworks. 

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