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How do the reps work here?

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I was just curios about your reputation system here. From previous help forums that I have and still use the system is there so members can then build up there reputation and acquire badges. Then those badges represent the time and effort you have spent on the forum and how valuable your posts will be.

Is that the same here? If not, how is the reputation system used here?

Thanks for your time,


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It's kind of like a like on facebook. In the bottom right corner of a post you will see a number and an arrow, click the arrow to give someone a rep point. There are daily limits on how many rep points you can give out though, not sure how many has been decided after the last discussion about them on the forum. Under your name and avatar you can see how many rep points you have or anybody else has under their's. 


As far as I know there are no prizes for rep points, they just accumulate  and sit there.  


An autographed picture of Ego Eram Reputo with a Cobweb beard would be a good prize for the first one to hit 500 though.     :D

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I've always looked at them and used them like the "like" button at facebook. If you like something you rep it. The good news is they are better than a facebook "like".

Benefits and fun of repping things :
* It's always fun to get reps, that means someone liked what you said or liked what you posted.
* It's fun to see a rep and then click on the rep count to see who liked it.
* It's fun to give reps because it's fun to give that bonus of saying how much you really liked that post.
* It's also sometimes a sign of gratitude, like saying thanks for the good answer or thanks for the new plugin.
* The rep counts are small on this forum, so building up a high number of them is hard and takes long, which means every little rep feels like a complement, rather than some places that use a different point system and almost everyone gets high numbers to where, in my opinion, the numbers just look like a bunch of numbers and sometimes lose their value.
* And although I don't think the reps are meant to be used this way, I use them to "favorites/bookmark" posts I really like, since you can go into your profile and look at the content you have given reputations to. (of course, if you have too many you might have a lot of pages to go through.)
* Like-wise, you can go and see the list of your content that people repped, which is both fun to scroll through, and sometimes it acts as a way to see the trends of your posts that tend to get liked. If you see a pattern that might be a good thing.

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