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Request for tutorial on water splash effect

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I just started using PDN a few weeks ago and I love it! I don't have any previous experience with image editing, but now I'm really into it.

I want to make a wallpaper for my computer and I need to make a water splash effect, but don't know how to. Couldn't find it in the tutorial section either. Could someone please help me?

thanks in advance!

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Those are photographs, not effects.

I belive he realises this, but could not find a digitaly created image like this, and this is the kind of "looking" effect he wants to acheive...

yeah that's what I mean.

doesn't have to look exactly like that, but something similar in style

or perhaps just modify those photographs to achieve a metallic/firy effect

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That's pretty good, User24! The only thing I would suggest is maybe linking the droplets. I think it gives a little more of a realistic look.

Here's my attempt:


I think it's a little too blury. Comments?

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I think it looks pretty good although, because I'm on my Mac, the color is way too light and I need to put the screen way back to see it (if you have a flat-panel, you would know what I mean).

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Helio; that's awesome, dude!

lionheart: I don't consider myself a pro at all; I only started using PDN for anything other than cropping and brightness adjustments when I joined this forum.

majik: I like the 'oil candle' one, it's got a good texture to it.

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