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'Interchange File Format' FileType Plugin (.IFF, .ILBM, .LBM, .ANIM)


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'Interchange File Format' FileType Plugin (.IFF, .ILBM, .LBM, .ANIM)


Paint.NET FileType plugin which loads images and animations in some of the IFF file formats. Some because IFF is a container format which may contain all kind of data (images, animations, documents, audio, video, ...). This format was used on Atari and Amiga computers in the Nineties of the 20th century.


Supported open formats:
- IFF-ILBM: Interleaved images with 1 to 8, 24, and 32 planes. HAM-6 and HAM-8 subformats are supported.
- IFF-PBM: Non-interleaved images
- ILBM images containing color cycles. Color cycles are a method to create animations by changing entries in the color map
  instead of the image data. Each possible cycle will create a new frame.
- IFF-ANIM: Animations providing a base frame and additional delta frames.
  Delta operations 5,7, and 8 are supported.

Supported save formats:
- None.


Each frame of an animation will be loaded as a layer in Paint.NET. The layer name will me marked with !ST<duration>, where duration is the time the frame should be shown in milliseconds. If a layer is not marked with !ST<duration> then the time of the previous frame will be assumed. This marker is recognized by the PDNAnimator tool and can be used to transform the animation in a more modern file format (like APNG).


Martin Osieka


Find the latest version of the plugin here >> ImIFF.FileType v1.0 (31.10.2014)


Follow the instructions carefully

  • Copy the file ImIFF.FileType.dll to the Paint.NET\FileTypes\ folder
  • Remove other plugins supporting the same file types (.iff, .ilbm, .lbm, .anim) from Paint.NET\FileTypes\ folder (to avoid possible conflicts) I.e. 'PDNIFFPLUGIN.dll' plugin.
  • After a restart of Paint.NET you will find two new entries in the file types popup of the 'Open' dialog:
    • IFF Images (.iff,*.ilbm,*.lbm)
    • IFF-Animations (*.anim).
  •  Be aware any of these extensions may load all kinds of supported IFFs. The selected extension is just used as dialog filter.


Paint.NET 3.5.11 and 4.0.5

Supported languages

  • English

Known issues

  • If the file contains color cycles with different frequencies then only the frames for the first color cycle will be generated. The reason is that trying to generate all possible combinations of the different color cycles may generate an infinite number of frames.

Unknown issues

  • If you are not able to load an iff image or animation and you are 99% sure that the file is not damaged then provide a copy for testing.

To Do list

  • Some options to adapt the imported files (like respecting the aspect ratio).




  • 1.0 (31.10.2014)
    First public release
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Two additional remarks:


If you are looking for animations in the IFF format then you should not miss the following page:




There are two other entries supporting iff plugins in the filetypes section. These plugins never worked quite well in 3.5.11 and they do not work in Paint.NET 4.0.

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Adjusted spacing of table + added zipped dll link

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