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Applying Lens Flare Effects To A Picture ( Non-Destructive )


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it



Hi !


Intro :


This tutorial was adapted from a Photoshop tutorial written by Steve Patterson and it shows how we can add up lens flare/camera trouser effect to a picture in Paint.NET without any post-saving irreversible changes. We will manipulate 'blending mode' of the layer to do so, so we will turn this image from this :




to this :




Plugin needed :


i) Lens Flare, OR

ii) Camera Trouser Flare, OR

iii) PS FilterPdN + Axion ( Photoshop plugin )


Steps :


1. Opens image.

2. Add up a new layer. Fill it with black. Set this layer to 'Screen' mode.

3. Opens the plugin. In this case I'll use Camera Trouser Flare with this setting :




It'll looked like this after adding up the effect :




Somehow the setting varies from picture to picture, and that setting is appropriate for the picture used in this tutorial.


And we're done !


Note : This is how the same layer looked like ( in normal mode ) :





Tweak the intensity of the light by adjusting the transparency of the layer, if you feel that the light is too bright.



All the best !


Original picture can be found here.


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