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Layer Rotations totally wrong

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Well, I will not put much attention to explain, since the bugs are apparent:

When you play with airplane ball, everything is correct but when you move the sliders those update do not correspond to expected rotation.

Moreover, if you try to manually put values in number boxes, it does not update at all.

Well there is an issue with angle rotation -180 and 0 should be the same, better to be shown in -pi/2 : pi/2 (-90:90) format

At the moment arrows do not accept minus values.




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They're fine - just a bit confusing.


Top slider mimics the outer ring rotation on the globe.  The setting on the third slider is maintained i.e. its a rotation about the central pivot of the globe itself.  See how just the globe rotates when this is used?


Middle slider = 360 degree rotations of the globe + axis.  This too maintains the setting in the third slider.  This slider makes the globe roll around like an eye in a socket.


Bottom/third slider = radial angle 0 to 90 degrees.  It's the same as an eyeball looking straight out or sideways.

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Thank you Ego for your answer,

Infact eyeball is working fine.

I am concerning buttons and editboxes responsible for rotation.

E.g. one would like to rotate by 3, 5, 1 degree exactly, obviously eyeball is not used in such case, but arrows, sliders and edit boxes.

There is a certain issue with properly updating those.



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