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Toggle Alpha Channel

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I created a plugin that will toggle the alpha channel by taking 255 and subtracting the alpha channel value.  It was originally designed so that I can quickly change the color of text and other transparent areas of the picture without having to redraw them.  Text and lines are still anti-aliased except that the inner part is transparent.  You can choose to ignore pixels that are already transparent and/or add a border next to the anti-aliasing.  You can even change the color of the layer if you choose.


I hope you enjoy this.  The DLL and the source code is included in the ZIP file.  Place the DLL in the effects folder.  I've also attached a picture showing what the plugin does.

Toggle Alpha


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Completely different!


This plugin will allow you to keep the transparent pixels from the source canvas transparent.  It will place a one pixel border around any pixel that is not transparent and you can change the color of the pixel from the GUI.  Although I am only illustrating text, this will work with any shape


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