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As some or many of you know, my wife Natalie found out she was pregnant in February, and we have been eagerly awaiting our son's arrival since then!

If you want the details of the roller-coaster ride that was my last few months, open the hide tag:

Hidden Content:
At an ultrasound in mid/late August, the tech had trouble getting a good view of his heart. I was a bit worried, but it sounded like the sort of thing that happened all the time. They took him back for another ultrasound a couple of weeks later, and couldn't find anything wrong. Awesome!, we thought. We went back to getting ready for his birth.

But a week later, they called us back. The radiologist had had a chance to look at the sonograms, they said, and found what might be an abnormality - in his brain.

His brain? I thought. You can live a full and happy life with a heart defect. But a brain defect? That's something completely different. And terrifying.

The worst part was, they wanted to refer us to a bigger hospital in our area - and they couldn't get us in for several weeks.

I was in a bit of a haze for those weeks, and even more so as the day approached. There were a few days when it was all I could do just to go to work, the worry was so strong. My wife and I really leaned on each other. We'd still love him, of course, but it was still a flood of rising anxiety waiting for the appointment.

We went in to the ultrasound and watched in rapt attention as the technician, and then the doctor after her, pored over the inside of our unborn son's skull. Of course it was all inscrutable to us, but at the end they nodded approvingly. "Perfectly normal."

Really?!?! Perfectly normal?!! Honestly, I can't express our excitement at that result! And I could scarcely believe it. All that time, all that worry, and he was perfectly normal.

We came home, thrilled and excited, and began frantically working on all the things that had sort of fallen by the wayside while we waited to hear definite word about our son's health. Cribs had to be built, bookshelves put together, onesies washed, cloth diapers folded.

Then, last Friday - two weeks early, completely by surprise, and way before we finished getting everything ready - Natalie's water broke! We rushed to the hospital, and after 31 hours, our little guy was born. And, thank God (I mean that quite literally) - perfectly, completely normal.

Natalie had some trouble with the hormone crash, but other than that, both mom and baby are perfect. I'm super excited, and he's a real treat to be around. He's such a good baby, and I'm a really proud dad.

So, allow me to introduce all of you to my son - Roy Calvin Lloyd Atwell (we call him Calvin), born 18 October 2014, 8:29pm; 7lbs 2oz (3.23 kg), 21in (53cm) long.


I might be around to moderate a little bit after I go back to work next week. Until then, this little guy is just taking up all my free time. I'm happy to announce that he's a little bit of a daddy's boy. :-)

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Hi David,


Happy to know that the little one is taking your time :) . I don't know how to congratulate you for him. Every word and even everything pales in presence of the little prince. Isn't it? :)


May every day be celebration and every night be adoration

For the Daddy, mum and the little one. :D


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I can't find Roy's Gallery.... :lol:


:star: Congratulations David and Natalie :star:  Welcome to our world Roy!

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Congratulations to you both.  Enjoy - he will grow up fast ;)


(Don't worry about the sleep depravation and hormones - all will be back to normal some day).


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A huge congrats to you and your wife, David for the birth of your healthy baby.

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Well well well...guess I should be checking up on the off-topic section more often. Congratz!

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