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I need some advice on image manipulation please!

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Warm Greetings to one and all.

I need to discover if there is a better way of creating one image I've created using

This is the image I have created:


It is put together by cutting and pasting sections from these two seperate images:



I've been going stir crazy searching the net for guides on how to better create the image I've put together. I design phpBB & CH forum templates, I actually use extensively for my graphics, a fantastic software package, can't fault it in truth.

I'm wondering if there is something I can do with layers to generate a more professional looking image than the one I've generated using cut and paste!

Any guidance and advice would be very much appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read my topic.

Be well & stay safe,


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the only problem I can really see is that the text is more pixelated in the 'final' version. I'm not sure how that's happening, are you using the magic wand to select the letters or something?

Slap the letters on a new layer and you adjust them more easily...

Perhaps if you could explain what you mean by 'more professional' it would help (but then, if you knew that, I guess you wouldn't be asking)

I don't really like the white glow around the sword.

EdIT: also, it wouldn't hurt to have the letters the other way round, such that you can see more of the R and H. But it's not a biggie.

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The glow around the finished image was necessary to diffuse the muck around the image. The image was put together using 'two' seperate images, I opened the sword image then imported the text image as a new layer and saved them as a singular png image. I then used the rectangle select tool and cut out a portion of the combined images and saved the cut out section as a seperate image. I then re-opened the sword image and imported the cut section as a new layer, I repeated this process until the image was completed.

Yes, sadly the text image suffered terribly during this process, the constant saving and opening of these images has resulted in data loss somewhere along the line.

Ideally I would like to be able to use a tool which was capable of producing the combined image by using the two seperate images. The whole cut and paste process resulted in severe pixel degradation on the text image and some how also resulted in a really infuriating fuss around the swords blade.

You can see here from the original sword image roughly the kind of result I ended up with after my cutting and pasting.

The original sword image:


That is actually how I got the original sword image, I cleaned it up significantly before proceeding. Alas, the same kind of muck re-emerged after the cut and pasting 'but' it was a blended muck between the blade and the text image. The white glow is an act of sheer desperation to tidy the image up!

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I would put the sword against whatever background you want and then use the Feather plugin. And maybe a slight glow on the sword.

Not an entirely bad suggestion, but this image functions as a stand alone png image as click link logo on one of FreeStyles forum templates. Giving the image a background image would utterly destroy the original purpose of its creation.

I appreciate your input though, many thanks.

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To make it easier to adjust, you could have the sword sandwiched between two text layers, each text layer having half letters.

I think something like this would look better:


click here for a PDN showing how I did it.

Hopefully the PDN is clear enough, and I hope you don't mind me doing it, I like a challenge :)

EDIT: feathered the sword layer. kinda removes the white border it had.

EDIT2: what font is that, anyway? It's great.

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That is absolutely fantastic that you went all out for me right there, I am honoured, no pun intended!

Now I've seen what you did I am reminded of art stuff I messed around with back in my college days, it's so obvious now I've seen it again. You're an absolute star.

Please consider taking the time to visit FreeStyles and have a look around, your skills would prove invaluable there!

This is the banner using the sliced image you generated and a clean version of the sword:


Excellent, together we have achieved exactly that which I was trying to accomplish.

Many many thanks.

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hey, I was messing around with this image today and came up with something. Thought I'd share.


A very interesting look you've created there crosswalker, I wonder if you would consider attempting the same effect on the new version of this image.

I've opted to do more work on standard phpBB templates as well as the categories Hierarchy templates. All the templates I generate are FREE so any help I can get is simply marvellous. I've setup a new area on my ST server, the Honour template is the default there, you're welcome to access the image from the forum index if you are willing to give that a go.

The ST phpBB area is here:

It's barren as hell there right now, I'm just now setting it all up, any fresh ideas are always welcomed!

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