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Looking for help with adding gold flecks to stone

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Through many helpful tutorials, I made the cover for my book. I decided to update the title to be a metallic bevel, and most people say that the gold title (vs a silver-green or bright green) stands out the best.

My sis-in-law suggested I add gold flecks to the stone, to help create a harmonious color effect. I'm not sure how to do that.


Does anyone have a tutorial suggestion to add gold flecks?


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Thanks for the suggestion. It does add a yellow tint to all of the stone, but I was hoping for something more subtle that doesn't permeate everything. I tried adding noise, but the image is too large (300 ppi) and the noise doesn't show up.

I guess I'll keep playing and see if I can find something.


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Note: I have not tried the following steps myself. It may not work, but if you understand what I'm trying to do, it shouldn't be too difficult to fix it.

Add a new layer and fill it with black. Add noise to this layer with maximum intensity and about 3% coverage.

Use the mosaic plugin to change the noise into larger flakes, then use dents at low settings to distort the shapes a little.

Change the color of the flakes with whatever method pleases you, then change the layer blend mode till it suits you.

Erase/paint over some of the flakes in a way that makes it less uniform

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