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Need help for my cartoon

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Can you help me with a problem ?
I am making a cartoon for the last 30 years.
I have the background on paper and I have the figures on transparent plastic paper.
Now I am in the middle of digitalising it.
Some of the backgroundpapers are on rolls, with different lengths.
I had to cut the rolls into individual pieces so I could scan them into my computer as jpg files.
Then using your paint net, I started to put the individual pieces together into new rolls as new jpg files. It is no problem fixing the individual pieces together perfectly using  paint net. 

Maybesomeone has  an idea to make the next step easier.
Now I must cut these new rolls ( e.g. 5500 pxl x 480 pxl )
into new individual pieces ( exactly 840 pxl x 480 pxl )
From one roll I must make over 500 cuts to get a free flowing movie.
As you can imagine I have so much work ( using strg arrow, strg c, strg y, strg shift s, change png - jpg and then giving a new name ) for one cut.
Question: is there a way to do this easier or a quicker way to save time?
Excuse my english but I am german
I would greatly apreciate it, if you could help me.
Thanking you


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Hello Ruessel - welcome to the forum!

I really like your style of cartoon - that avatar is great! ;)

I cannot really give you much advice but wonder why you are changing from png to jpg?
I would think stay with png for the 'master' version if possible. png retains quality and saves transparency, but is a big file size. jpg will loose quality if you re-save. (It would be easy to make a lower quality/smaller file size version later on - but not the other way round). I would also think the animation software would compress the quality/reduce the file size.

Pdn is not really designed for batch processing but it may be worth investigating the 'Scriptlab' plugin here:

- It can chain effects together but cannot do operations affecting selection and saving - cropping etc

Have you tried the fixed size option for the rectangle select? (set to 840 px by 480 px).

Many people recommend the free program 'Irfanview' for batch processing. I haven't used it myself, and not sure if that would help you either.

Hopefully someone with some relevant experience may give you a more useful answer later.

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Thank you for answer me.

Now  I found a little program called autohotkey what is very usefull.

I use Irfan view often and the fixed size option for the rectangle select is my way of cutting backgrounds.

Here is a small scene of my movie:

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I appreciate the way you have made your cartoons and it would indeed be wiser to let them be in png format for a good quality. Today, however we have many application that can be used to create animation digitally and we can also add in them 3d motion graphics that makes them more attractive and alive.

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