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Trim transparent pixels.

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Hello all,


I too am trying to trim the transparent pixels around an image. I'm not new to paint.net but I don't understand usedHONDA's response of:


S [four times]


What am I clicking on when I do this and is it actually the letter "S" four times, etc? I don't quite follow this. In photoshop, if I remember correctly, the "trim transparent pixels" function was under the canvas menu setting.



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Hi nortok00 - welcome to the forum.

First up - I've split your post out from the thread you originally posted it in. That's because the thread was very old. If a thread is older than three months (excepting plugins and tutorials) then just ignore it and ask your question anew.

In answer to your question...

S pressed four times activates the Magic Wand tool :MagicWandTool:

SHIFT in combination with Clicking toggles Global selection. This means that ALL pixels in the layer which satisty the Tolerance setting of the Magic Wand will be selected along with the one you clicked on. If clicking on one of many transparent pixels, Shift + Click will select all of them.

Ctrl + I is another handy keyboard combination. This inverts the selection. Everything that was selected becomes deselected and vice versa. In this case all the transparent pixels that were selected become deselected and all the opaque pixels are now selected.

Ctrl + Shift + X - (aka crop to selection) this useful combination crops the image to the smallest rectangular size which contains all the currently selected pixels.

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