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Undo "Paste into new layer" leaves the layer intact

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When I miss-click "paste into new layer" rather than one of the other paste options, and then try and undo that step, that new layer remains. It should be deleted upon undoing that step.

I'm willing to bet that it isn't a bug per se, rather, that the undo option in this case just doesn't affect layers.

However, since, in this case, it would always be the instance that spawned that layer, undoing it should remove that layer. That is, if you undo back to this step regardless of what else you've done, the created layer is empty at that point, so clearly, by undoing this far you indicated that you didn't want it in the first place.

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I guess you missed that 'Paste into new layer' combines two commands to one.

You can see this in the history window.

Because of this you have to call undo two times to remove the complete operation.

I would say this behaviour is by design and avoids to have too many different items on the history stack.

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Totally missed it, and it's completely obvious now that you've mentioned it.
It would be nice if undo took care of both, but them again, other things are broken down into steps like draw line and finish line, and would be annoying if you COULDN'T undo the steps independently.

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