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Change the angle of a shadow...

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Imagine a picture of a person standing in the sun. The shadow grows from their feet to their head and angles to the right of the person, due to the position of the person and angle of the sun.


I want to keep the person and everything in the image untouched with the exctption of their shadow. I want to pull the shadow from the right to the left, as if the sun changed position in the sky and changed the direction of their shadow. Is this possible in PDN?


Thank you in advance!

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Yes it's possible.  Also VERY difficult to do believably.


The first step is to remove the existing shadow and fill in the missing area.  Difficulty - severe depending on the background.


Second step is to isolate the person onto their own layer - separate from the background.  Difficulty - medium.


Third step is to recreate the shadow.  Difficulty - easy.

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