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Question About Object Outline Plug-in For Text

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Hello all, new member and Paint.Net user here. I am trying to edit some text I have created. I have an image that I want to add some text to, so I created a new layer, typed the text into that layer. I downloaded Pyrochild's plugin pack from here (thanks, Pyro!).


From the instructions I have found in other threads, I am supposed to use the magic wand, hit shift and select which will select all the letters instead of just one, then go to "Effects>Object>Outline Object". When I do this, I get the dialog box with the settings for adding an outline to the text. As I adjust the setting slidebar for thickness, I see a very faint line run across the text letters, and a loading screen at the bottom pops up for a split-second, then goes away. Almost as if changes are being added to the text, which I would expect. But the text never makes any change - there's no outline border. Is this normal? Will the outline show up after I save the text layer?


Thanks for any help, and sorry for such a noobish question lol...

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There is no need to select the text if its on it's own transparent layer. Just run the effect on the layer. Pyrochild's cleverness means the plugin will automatically find the opaque/transparent edges and apply the effect at the transition.

This 'feature' is common to all the tools found in the Effects > Object sub menu. An OBJECT in this context refers to an island of pixels in a transparent sea ;)

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Glad I could help.  Welcome to the forum!

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