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Polygon Tool / Freeform tool

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I use P.NET 4.0.3


I'm looking how to draw a polygon but I can't find such tools

I also had the Idea that I've seen somewhere a kind of free form tool but I can't find it anymore


Maybe it was not in Paint .NET


Does someything exists in Paint .NET ?


Do I miss something ?


Thanks for any help

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Speedy reply to the rescue!

You can find a good plugin for making polygons, I'll see if I can find it.




Here's another one:


^ That's BoltBait's plugin pack, which includes another Polygon tool as well as many other of his brilliant plugins, which are equally invaluable!




:cookie-chocolate: I baked another one...

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Hello @olibara .............. there is also another Polygon Plugin to be found in MadJik's Plugin Pack found here.  You can make a Polygon using: Quantity of Edges set to 4 and the Starisation set to 2.


Do you know how to download Plugins?  If not, the way can be found here.


There was a Freeform Tool in v3.5. but now it's not in v4 .................. but now we have Shapes in v4.  I'll attach an image to show where the shapes are, then just look for the shape you need.



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I used the freeform tool quite a bit in the old version, miss that one when I attempt to use the new version. More shapes in the new version, but don't work like the old version, miss that too.


I know someone might get on me about that comment and have good intentions but in my case the new version sets me back a couple years in producing my images and adding more hype about it won't change that.

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