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Hello everyone! 


I report myself, Gamer_World14, to be one of the missing people.. I have not come around here for a looong time!  Just wanted to let you all know I was still alive, and how much you have inspired me to continue in the field of work I love, design!  Everyone on this forum has played a part and I appreciate everyone's talents and abilities offering critiques and help  :)


Currently, I stand a senior at college studying a graphic design major, and Paint.NET has been my starting point for where I learned how to do such a thing.  All of you guys are awesome, and it's great to hear some of you are still active members on the site! I've just been so busy with school in the past 3 1/2 years I have not had much time at all for this forum.


Those I've missed or haven't got a chance to hear from in a while are:







Rubrica (I know he's still active  :))



And the list could go on.. Of course I missed Pyro and all the mods, plugin makers and mods too!  :)


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"All great things must come to an end.." and even these moments in time shall one day just be pleasant memories. It's one of the best aspects of the internet, being able to interact with others from all over the world and sharing common interests like music, movies, food, anecdotes, etc... All ya can do is appreciate it while it lasts and cherish the memories forged in the process. :D

Hopefully this video helps give some perspective on it. (Disclaimer: You may want to mute the sound, trust me. lol)


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Drydareelin! Haven't seen you in a long time. You probably don't know this, but I'm a big fan of your work.


I watched your videos of you making Exhibit B last year. Great stuff.

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Damn...I'm not too sure what to say to that  :P

The first part of the Exhibit B video got featured on a blog, go that got about a thousand views and the 2nd part is hovering at..like..100. The blog post was awesome though. I'll try and find it if anyone is curious.


Thanks man! It's nice to know someone had noticed me :D

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Hi everyone! Don't mind me, I think it's about time I appear and wax lyrical about the years gone by.

Miss y'all, and a big shout out to some of the people I remember fondly (back in the days of paintdotnet.forumer.com): DarkShock, Kemaru, Gamer_Word14, survulus, Crimson, Ego Eram Reputo, TopHATslash, BoltBait, david.atwell, pyrochild, MikeRyan, welshblue, oma, HELEN, yy10, barbieq25, Sozo, Rubrica, Goonfella, flip, Sharp, csm725, and of course Code_Ember... I hope you are happy and continue to make beautiful things.

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Lots have been happening around my household.  My parents moved back to New England in with us from Virginia.  We had half of our basement finished off so they had their own liveable space.  My son has had some vision issues, both of which required an operation except we only went through with an operation on one (one eye has glaucoma - this is the one we had them operate on - and the other has a detached retina).


I've passed through in the past only sporadically, but am trying to visit a bit more.


Thanks for your expressed thoughts previously.

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Hello! It seems most of the forums I belong to have been quiet. I could start listing reasons excuses why I haven't been around, but most of them are made up. Mainly my head exploded from too many new plugins and tutorials, and I've been cleaning up the mess. :P  I have a lot of WIPs, though.


I've been more involved in calligraphy guild business. A lot of WIPS there too.


Also there's the dog. He's a year and a couple of months old now, and very energetic. I take him for longer walks hoping it will settle him down. It works for a while, but he still wants to go outside and play, and doesn't care about the weather. But hey, I might be getting in better shape.


One day I'll get stuck to my computer chair again and start experimenting. Maybe I'll finish  some of those WIPs.

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