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Paint.NET tries to read desktop folder and fails

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Good day,


Paint.net is a great program! Thanks you developers for creating this excellent piece of software. 


I got one issue however. I am a administrator at a school in Netherlands. I distributed Paint.net 4.0.3 using VMware Thinapp so that I can make it available to everyone without installing. I got Paint.NET 3.5 in this way working without any problems. However since I made PaintNET 4.0.3 available whenever a student tries to save a image, Paint.net waits about 25 seconds while showing a rotating cursor (Windows 7 you know). Then it shows this error message, 




This translates to: 

"Network error"


"No access to \\bcfs3\group_profiles\Bureaublad\Studenten


You have no access to \\bcfs3\group_profiles\Bureaublad\Studenten. Contact your systems administrator to ask for permission"  


The systems administrator , that's me!  Through the use of group policy i redirected the desktop of all users to this folder on a fileserver and it is read-only to all users. 


What I really like to see, is that Paint.net asking me where I want to store this image, without any delay. I don't want to save images on the desktop folder.. Paint.net 3.5.1 had no issue with this.  


How can this be leveraged? Is there a setting where I can specify a folder that Paint.net goes to , a default save location ?

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It is a common practice in environments outside home (businesses , school, etc) to make desktop or other special folders read-only. 


While Paint.net remembers the last save location  and it isn't the desktop, this won't help avoiding this annoying delay and error message.

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