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Recolor tool not strict to primary color

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Hello all,


In the Color box, my primary is yellow and secondary is green (I want to recolor yellow pixels to green). I selected Recolor tool and set Hardness to 0 and Tolerance to 0.

The tool is acting like a simple brush almost. I really have to click the exact pixel where the yellow color is, otherwise it will brush the whole area (brush size).


Why Recolor is not limiting it's painting to only yellow (primary color)? It only behaves correctly if I zoom and click exactly where the yellow pixels are and this is very time consuming since the drawing has several different elements in yellow.


Is this the expected behavior? I was not expecting it, since the white background should not be affected, but gets a green brush if clicked on it.

If it's the expected behavior, how do I quickly change a specific color to another one quickly?


Using paint.net 4.0.3 (Final 4.3.5316.40022).


Thank you!

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Not only the icon you mentioned, but also the next one related to aliasing should also be changed, otherwise it will create some effect at the end of the brushed area, instead of recoloring (replacing the color) in full.

These changes should be the default, not the other way around!

I believe the main purpose of the tool is to Recolor.


Be sure the correct options for the recolor tool are selected:


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You can set the default tool parameters via the settings :Settings: dialog.  Look for the icon in the top right corner.

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If you want to change the yellow pixels to your other colour, you can also use the magic wand tool (while holding shift) to select the yellow pixels and the fill tool to fill in those pixels to your secondary colour.


Just a workaround - I might be missing the point entirely! :P


:cookie-chocolate: I baked another one...

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