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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Bevel Selection

AA's Assistant

Sarkuts Yellow Gold - found at the bottom of his tutorial.

Gradient Mapping


Emboss - which I think is standard now with v4.


Font used is:  Frankenstein (can be found on fontzone.net)


Tip: :Warning:   Remember to save your work frequently in case of a crash.


1.  Begin with a canvas of 800 x 400 and fill with black.


2.  New Layer - with color FFD800 and size #192 type your text.  Align centre & Gaussian Blur at default.


3.  Holding down Shift select just outside of the text with the Magic Wand :MagicWandTool:  - then Ctrl and Invert selection and make a New Layer.  Then go to Effects - Stylize and

     Emboss and change the layer mode to Overlay.



4.  Go back to layer 2 – which should still be selected and go to Effects – Selection - Bevel Selection at default.




5.  Now you must deselect!


6.  Use the Magic Wand with shift held down to select directly on the yellow text on layer 2.  Play with the Hardness/Tolerance in the top tool bar until you get a nice

     selection inside of the text – about 20.


7.  Make a New Layer and use the Paint bucket :PaintBucket:  to fill the inside selection with a light grey color # 808080. Deselect and Gaussian Blur at #4.




8.  Select the same layer again with the magic wand, invert and add Noise at an intensity of #60.

     With it still ‘selected’ go to - Adjustment – Black & white and then Effects – Object and use AA’s Assistant at default.


9.  Duplicate the layer and change the mode to Negation.  Deselect. 


    :Warning:   Remember to ‘save’ your work periodically.




10.  Go to the text layer 2 and use – Color – Metalize at default and repeat one more time.  Use AA’s Assistant twice.




11.  Go to – Adjustments – Gradient Mapping and make sure both the boxes are checked.




12.  Finally play with the Curves Plugin and then the Brightness and Contrast of about 13 and 2.  Or as to your liking.




13.  Duplicate the last layer for more intensity and also you can play with the layer modes on the two layer # 4’s,  as well to change the color of the inside of the text.


14.  Finally save your work in PDN first, then Flatten and save in .png.


      Hint:  To add depth to the text use Effects – Object – Trail.


78CG8Pn.png 11FuITq.png  












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Blingkin(oh dear!) good tutorial Pixey. Well laid out , well explained and easy to follow - a real necessity for a numpty like me! ;)

Hear is my effort (forgot to add the Trail effect but it`s still OK) -



Edited by Goonfella
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@Johnny'sdream - look forward to seeing your result :) .  Thanks for stopping by.


@Numpty Gooney :D ...... wow!  What a great result and thanks so much for the kind works.  I actually forgot to add the sparkles, like you did - Duh :/ !

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Great result @mackenzieh it looks simply perfect B).  Excellent work :star:.


@Seerose Fantastic piece here - I like the way you added some trail to it.  Well done you too :star:.


I'd forgotten about this tutorial :kitteh: I think I'll have a go at it myself :D.

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My version.. I've used Artistic -> Sponge... instead of Noise for the silver look and changed/simplified some other steps too.




The second one shows a combination of Sponge, Bevel Object of the resulting two tones in alternate directions and Noise. After flattening Star Glow was added like in the first one.




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My Goodness @IRON67 This is what I call "thinking outside of the box" - as @Ash was fond of saying ;).  Very nice results indeed and the 2nd one is super-dooper :D.

You did really good :star: and thanks for doing the tutorial :).

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I thought I'd give it a go. Wasn't really aware of this tutorial, @Pixey.

@IRON67's use of  @ReMake's Sponge Effect is a great idea!  I tend to use Grain a lot, but Sponge gives the effect of actual 'gems' in the letters.


Great tut, Pixey!  <3




Give a rep when I'm restocked.

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Oooooo - so pretty @lynxster4 and what a good idea using the sponge plugin - it does give it a 3D finish.  Very sparkly too :star:.

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