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Improving a Scanned Shaded Sketch in Paint

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I'm new to Paint - and new to image editing, really. I have been fiddling with images found online with various image editors, but would like to use my own stuff.


I have scanned a sketch of mine (using pen and pencil) onto my computer, and the quality is not terribly good. I have seen others who have hand-drawn stuff online and theirs looks rather nice - good thick lines, and nice shading. I would like to do the same.


This is my sketch (it is a very first draft, by the way!)




How can I make this into a better image? I need the outlining to be sharp (the gaps are deliberate) but I also need the shading within the border to be visible.


I have tried a few things I found via this forum (and elsewhere) - I tried:

1. Adjustments>Black and White

2. Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast with Brightness at Max and Contrast at Min

3. Effects>Artistic>Oil Painting


I got this series of instructions from the forum. It resulted in a blank, greyish image.


I also tried working with Curves...but it didn't seem to do anything when I moved the points around.


As you can see I know next to nothing about image editing!

Could anyone give me a hand?



(On another note: I downloaded a plugin pack from the forum and my antivirus has just removed every single .dll as being not safe...)

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Hi Mavinster - welcome to the forum!


Let's try to help you with that image.  Something fairly simple to start with to thicken/darken the lines...


1. Open the image


2. In the Layers window click on the Duplicate layer icon :DuplicateLayer:


3. Double Click the top layer in the Layers Window to open it's Properties dialog.


4. Set the Blend Mode to Multiply.


This can be repeated a number of times if you like the effect.  When finished, you can flatten the image with Ctrl + Shift + F.



Which plugin pack did you download and which anti-virus package do you have installed?  I'm guessing Norton.  It's famous for reporting false-positives ;)

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