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DPI mismatch confusion (irfanview vs paint)

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I do my editing in Paint.net and my default viewer is Irfanview. Recently I had to work with some files for printing and I start from scratch with 300dpi A4 sheet then create content whatever is that I do. After I save it in PNG I open IrfranView Info and it says the image is 762x762 dpi. So who is lying here? Have I created a 300dpi file or has it somehow gone bigger?

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<snip> You are right I just noticed because I work with cm instead of inches but I still tolerate DPI and PPI. This explains the 60MB file and great print out quality. Well anyway let's get a little more info around this subject. At what point does DPI becomes too much? If I print out text at the default 72dpi, it's basically blurry <snip>. This is perfect example when I try to copy stuff from PDF without zooming in first. I've done text at 726dpi (thinking it was 300) and it looks perfect. However, there are printers in the office that support up to 2400dpi and I always wondered will I see any difference if I was printing a picture from a DSLR at 2400dpi on A4 or will 300dpi on A4 look identical? What are your thoughts people?

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