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Need specifics about app in get paint

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Helloo friends, I wrote to this forum about a month ago concerning a problem I am having with color in my father's pen& ink art  but I dont think I was more specific about the issue and think I wasnt given specific instructions and steps to deal with the problems or maybe I didnt understand the language either... Nonetheless, the problem is this.. It seems when we digitize the artwork and do a print of the image files the black color in the artwork gets more black and darker.. The color of his lines are blackish gray but they come out as a darker black color..The subtlety of his work gets compromised. Here is his website www.artofac.com.. I have also provided a file which shows his art and the problem I am dealing with ... What I am asking for is a detailed information maybe on what is occuring and even more important what exact steps I need to take to deal with it. I am not computer illiterate but I m not always familiar with the terminology used to describe things in computer software. So with that in mind I need specific details and steps I should take to deal with this issue. I thank those who took the time earlier to write to me and if you could come back and write to me and give me more details I would be extremely grateful. Thank you.. Mark Lovett 

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Hi Mark. Without seeing the image I'm guessing that you need to try desaturating it.

Open the image with paint.net then go to Adjustments > Brightness & Contrast. Use the sliders to reduce the intensity of the lines.

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Ah.  I didn't realize you had colors.  I assumed you were working with a line drawing.


In this case you can try the Conditional Hue & Saturation plugin.  This allows you to modify a color range (which you specify via the controls).


mini-tutorial: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/21134-how-can-i-create-a-shape-and-recolor-it/?p=348884

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