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Help! C# Plugin Error!

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Hello, I am Lightning strike. I recently found an Error, I followed the code I got from BoltBait's tutorial, I recently understanded how C# works with Paint.net. I then made a plugin in Visual Studio Express Edition 2013, The Errors are as follows: "Error 1 The name 'LayerBlendModeUtil' does not exist in the current context" and also "Error 2 The name 'LayerBlendMode' does not exist in the current context", even though I know what they mean, I havn't an idea on how to fix this, could someone give me instructions or something tho help?

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Many Thanks - Lightning strike:mouth:

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You must add a reference to PaintDotNet.Data.DLL in order to use the LayerBlendModeUtil class.


Plugin Pack | PSFilterPdn | Content Aware Fill | G'MICPaint Shop Pro Filetype | RAW Filetype | WebP Filetype

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The VS template probably referenced the older DLLs (from paint.net 3.5.11). You'll need to point the references to the new DLL's for paint.net 4.x.  Find these in the Solutions Explorer pane under References.  If you see small yellow warning triangles against the four PaintDotNet.* entries, you'll need to update the path to these references.


Right click on 'References' and select 'add Reference...'


In the window that appears,  select the 'Browse' tab and navigate to (Computer)  C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/


double-click on PaintDotNet.Base.dll


Repeat the process for the other three DLL's: PaintDotNet.Core.dll, PaintDotNet.Data.dll, PaintDotNet.Effect.dll


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