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Bug with Resize dialog's Keep Aspect Ratio checkbox

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hey, I just encountered a bug with paint.net's resize Maintain aspect ratio checkbox.
I have uploaded a video to youtube here

that shows the bug because I'm not I wasn't sure how to reproduce it 100% of the time.
the steps to reproduce are

  1. uncheck Maintain aspect ratio
  2. switch to By percentage
  3. increase or decrease percentage
  4. switch back to absolute size
  5. verify Maintain aspect ratio is unchecked
  6. increase or decrease any of the width or height values, the perpendicular value changes as well

I have checked the Canvas Size dialog as well and this also occurs there

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You know the place.

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Lose the attitude :|

Rick is the sole developer of paint.net. He has a job and a life outside of this piece of software, for which you paid nothing. He deserves much more respect than you're showing him.

"Please" and "thank you" will have a much greater effect than snide comments.

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