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Help locating a plugin

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Where is the download for this Plugin( Effects/Photo/Lens Distortion......)  See attached pic.  I have this on my laptop running windows 7 and Paint.net V3.5.11.  It is perfect for barrel distortion correction on the projects that I do.  I would like to add this to my work computer running windows 8 and Paint.net V4.0.3 and can not find it anywhere.  I even copied all of my .dll program files to that computer thinking it would transfer with everything else but it didn't. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the help



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That is a useful plugin!

Do you have the file named 'kb_lens.dll' in your Pdn4 paint.net/Effects folder? - if you do and it's not showing up, then sadly it may not be Pdn 4 compatible. (I can't test as don't have Pdn 4)

Perhaps ask on the thread (unlikely, but the author may still be around?)



Btw the effect is listed in the plugin index as 'Camera lens distorion' - 'lens distortion' is a different (more complex U.I.) plugin you could try.


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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This is compatible with PDN 4.0.3.

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