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Paintnet 4.0.3

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I do not like the new version 4.0.3.  Where can I download the previous version?  This is why.


In image capture.jpg when coloring an object it has a little square dot that you have to press escape to get ridge of.  Also there is a little square with arrows.  The older version did not have this.  Also, in image Capture2.jpg when you re-color an object it covers the original line. 


Is there a setting I need to change?



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Hi munleyj - welcome to the forum :D

The center dot is the fill-from point. It is where you clicked with the Paint Bucket tool.

New to paint.net 4 is the ability to drag the fill-from point around to see how the fill would look if you had clicked elsewhere. The four-way arrows are the control nub that which allow the fill-from point to be dragged & relocated. Click & drag the icon to move the fill-from point.

To keep the fill within your lines, lower the Tolerance setting in the Tool Bar.

Once you're happy with the fill, simply click FINISH in the Tool Bar or press the Enter key to commit the fill to the layer. The controls will disappear.

Oh and please don't ask for previous versions. They are not available. Please DO keep asking questions if you find the new features of PDN4 difficult to get your head around.

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@gubment_cheez: I split Wonderer's post out of this thread and into its own.


Feel free to repost your excellent comment in that thread.

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To keep the fill within your lines, lower the Tolerance setting in the Tool Bar.

this is actually a trap for young players. changing the tolerance of a flood fill is not helpful for 1px lines. To fix this problem, you need to toggle the fill tool's Antialiasing off, also in the tool bar.

You know the place.

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