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Mouse wheel scrolling problems (holding to zoom in/scroll to the side)


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I've used this program for years, and I've grown accustomed to the controls. Today I opened up the program and I've had a problem.


What I'm used to:

- Hold SHIFT and scroll to scroll left/right

- Hold CTRL and scroll to zoom in/out

- Scroll to scroll up/down


What's happening (and this isn't even consistent):

- Push SHIFT to set it to this

- Push CTRL to set it to this

- Push the last set button to scroll up/down


For some reason, it has changed from holding down these buttons. The problem is that I forget which I have it set to, and I have to guess, or it completely doesn't work at all. It isn't consistent. Is there any way I can fix this? It's very frustrating and makes using the program very difficult for me.

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I would check the keyboard settings in 'Control Panel' 'Ease of Access'. (maybe 'Sticky Keys' setting).

I just realized this and came here to tell the thread that I found a solution. Sticky keys has recently been coming up on my computer when I had it turned off. This is definitely the problem, not Paint.net. Thanks for the response.

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